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School Psychology


College of Education and Professional Development

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Dr. Sandra Stroebel, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. R. Lanai Jennings

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Dr. Conrae Lucas-Adkins


Children who survive cancer face many challenges when reintegrating into the school system. School psychologists are among the school support professionals who may aid in providing support and identifying appropriate interventions and accommodations for the academic and mental health needs of these students. This study identifies whether school psychologists in West Virginia perceive themselves to be adequately prepared to assist students who have survived cancer upon returning to school. A survey containing fourteen questions regarding the individual’s experience, training, and knowledge was distributed to school psychologists in attendance at the Fall 2016 West Virginia School Psychologists’ Association conference. Of the 59 West Virginia school psychologists who participated in the survey, only 4 reported having any training that specifically addressed students that had been diagnosed with cancer. Additionally, the number of years’ experience of the school psychologist positively predicted the amount of involvement (F=9.412, p<.003) and number of services provided (F=5.764, p<.020) to these students. Comfort in providing these services was highly correlated with perceived level of knowledge (r=.580). Additionally, higher levels of involvement of the school psychologist was positively correlated with level of training (r=.384) and comfort level (r=.512) for working with students diagnosed within the school environment.


School psychologists -- West Virginia.

School mental health services.