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Educational Leadership


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First Advisor

Dr. Louis Watts, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. Edna M. Meisel

Third Advisor

Dr. Michael Cunningham


The purpose of this descriptive, quantitative, survey-based study was to examine the relationship between selected superintendent attributes and their overall instructional leadership practices score calculated from the participants’ responses on the Instructional Leadership Practices Survey. The study used t-Tests, Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to analyze the relationship between the dependent variable of superintendent leadership practices score and the predictive variables of superintendents’ length of tenure in their current district, superintendents’ total tenure as a superintendent, superintendents’ total experience in education, whether the superintendent was hired from within or from outside of the district, superintendents’ instructional leadership perceptions and superintendents’ self-reported leadership practices. Findings indicated that superintendent experience in a district, overall superintendent experience, hiring of the superintendent from within or outside of the district, superintendent perceptions of the degree of influence they should have in instructional leadership, and superintendent perceptions of actual leadership practices were not significant in how the superintendents scored themselves on the Instructional Leadership Practices Survey. Significance was attained at the p<0.05 level for overall experience in education and the instructional leadership practices scores. The question was raised as to the relationship between the instructional leadership scores and West Virginia English/Language Arts and mathematics student assessment results, but insufficient data were available to provide any conclusions. Suggestions for further study and research and limitations of the current study were provided.


School superintendents -- West Virginia.

School environment -- West Virginia.

Educational leadership.