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College of Arts and Media

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Dr. Vicki Stroeher, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Stephen Lawson

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Dr. Montserrat Miller


This thesis examines the creation of a Spanish National Identity during the late nineteenth century within the orchestral works of Tomás Bretón. Style analysis and the use of musical narratological methods place these works in the context of Spain’s turbulent nineteenth century and its new formation of national identity comparable to those that had been formed across the rest of Europe. The two conflicting styles that Bretón employed in his compositions represent two different approaches to the establishment of a national identity during the period. Bretón’s own intent with these works and their actual reception by the Spanish public are also important in his goal towards creating a Spanish national style of music as the country attempted to modernize. Further, Bretón’s music contains examples of both what composers will put forth as national music and what the public will actually adopt as their national identity and culture.


Bretón, Tomás, 1850-1923.

Spain -- Music -- History and criticism -- 19th century.