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Biological Sciences


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Dr. Brian Antonsen, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. David Mallory

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Dr. Herman Mays

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Dr. NadjaSpitzer


Manganese is a prominent heavy metal within the earth’s crust and a micro mineral essential for biological function, however, high level exposure may lead to neurological defects. Industrial activities allow elevated manganese (Mn2+)to enter air and waterways. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implements secondary standards for aesthetics in drinking water at 0.05 ppm Mn2+, although evidence indicates levels at, or below this concentration negatively impact aquatic life. Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) were exposed to environmentally relevant Mn2+ concentrations for 6 months, while the control group was kept in reconstituted fresh water for the same time period. During this time, crayfish were placed in a novel environment weekly and videotaped for 20 minutes. Control crayfish continually increased time and distance moved throughout the 6 months while remaining mostly in border regions, but freely exploring the novel environment. Animals treated with lower Mn2+ concentrations moved lesser time and distances, while darting between zones. The highest concentration Mn2+treatment continually moved elevated time and distances while remaining concealed within the border throughout the experiment.When threat-avoidance behaviors were analyzed over the weeks, control crayfish continually increased stopping behavior and reduced escape behavior. Mn2+ treated crayfish displayed suppressed tail-flip frequencies indicating neurological impact; however, in later weeks, they increased tail-flip and startle response frequencies compared with the control group. Based upon my data, I suggest manganese exposure at levels below EPA standards may lead to physiological stress and behavioral differences which may impact crayfish survivability.


Crayfish -- Behavior.

Crayfish -- Ecology.

Crayfish culture -- Ecology.