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Curriculum and Instruction


College of Education

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First Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Campbell, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. Edna Meisel

Third Advisor

Dr. Tina Allen

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Carla Warren


Predicated on the understanding that teachers who are more comfortable with mathematics will better teach it, this study aimed to explore the extent to which building participating teachers’ mathematics efficacy might also help teachers build metacognitive awareness with regards to effectively teaching mathematics, decreasing their mathematics anxiety and ameliorating negative perceptions about teaching elementary mathematics. To analyze teachers’ perceptions with regards to math, teaching mathematics, and their own content knowledge,qualitative research methods were utilized. The participants began the study with an open-ended survey gauging their attitudes, confidence, and anxiety about math. The participants were observed during their trainings and their classroom lessons. Teachers’ math anxiety was observed and discussed. The participants were interviewed at the end of the mentoring and coaching professional development program.This research suggested there is a relationship, though not significant, between the negative perceptions and math anxiety participants felt and what and how they taught. When teachers participated in the tailored mentoring and coaching program their overall confidence levels in math content and teaching mathematics efficacy improved.


Professional development for teachers.

Mathematics -- Study and teaching.