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Simon Collier, Ph.D., Committee Chairperson

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Wendy Trzyna, Ph.D.

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Jagan Valluri, Ph.D.


Chmp1A has recently been linked to pancreatic cancer, a leading cause of cancer death in humans. Pancreatic tumors have lowered Chmp1A expression, and it has been described as a tumor suppressor. Chmp1A is also a member of ESCRT III (Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport), a conserved protein complex involved in the degradation and recycling of activated transmembrane receptors. There is a single Chmp1 protein in Drosophila that is homologous to vertebrate Chmp1A; however, Chmp1 hasn’t been studied in Drosophila. The objective of this study was to characterize Chmp1 in Drosophila using gene knockdown and over-expression. We used an RNAi fly line to knockdown Chmp1 in the wing of the fly and created a transgenic fly line to look at over-expression. Our results suggest that Chmp1 may be regulating the Epidermal Growth Factor pathway and Notch-Delta signaling, as well as the Frizzled-Planar Cell Polarity pathway.


Pancreas -- Tumors.

Tumor suppressor proteins.