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Curriculum and Instruction


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Dr. L. Eric Lassiter, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Lisa A. Heaton

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Dr. Elizabeth Campbell


Cultural diversity training in pharmacy education has evolved from standalone lectures to longitudinal courses, service-learning initiatives, rotation experiences, and global health opportunities. This mixed methods study explored the perceptions, attitudes, and pedagogies of pharmacy educators who have incorporated culture diversity into their classrooms and clinic sites. First, 91 online surveys incorporating items from the Teaching Multicultural Attitudes Survey and the Multicultural Competency Teaching Scale were distributed to a random sample of pharmacy faculty who interface with cultural diversity. In total, 36 completed surveys were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Pearson correlations, and stepwise linear regressions. Following the survey, seven pharmacy faculty members volunteered for one-on-one interviews. Interviews were interpreted using the five elements of culturally responsive teaching as a theoretical lens. Survey results indicated that multicultural awareness is highly relevant to the courses the participants teach, multiculturalism is rewarding, and it is important for students to be multiculturally aware. Additionally, respondents indicated they often promote diversity by demonstrating appropriate behaviors, integrate cultural values and lifestyles of ethnic minority groups into their teaching, and include examples of experiences and perspectives of these diverse groups as well. Qualitative results indicated pharmacy faculty engage in all aspects of culturally responsive teaching; namely, they create opportunities for cultural socialization, adopt diverse teaching strategies to meet student needs, learn the cultural diversity of the classroom, develop culturally relevant curricula, and demonstrate cultural compassion. The results suggest that pharmacy educators with a vested interest in culture teach to and through cultural diversity.


Pharmacy -- Study and teaching.

Inclusive education.

Curriculum planning -- Study and teaching (Graduate)

Curriculum planning -- Study and teaching (Higher).