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Healthcare Administration


College of Business

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Research Paper

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Dr. Alberto Coustasse


Introduction: Telemedicine is well developed and very useful for heart failure patients in emergencies. Many cases of heart failures are due to inability of reaching the physicians on time and failure of assessing the patient disease condition at earlier stage.

Methodology: The methodology for this study was a literature review. Electronic databases used included EBSCO Host, Google Scholar, Academic Search Premier, PubMed, ProQuest, and Marshall Digital Scholar. A total of 32 sources were referenced.

Results: This literature review examined several studies and research articles on the significance of Telemedicine in the treatment of chronic heart failure patients with what forms of telemedicine technology was utilized in the treatment processes. In addition, to the benefits, potential outcomes and utilization rate of telemedicine technologies in the care coordination process.

Discussion: Significance, utilization and effectiveness of Telemedicine in the treatment of chronic heart failure patients is discussed as an effective technology in the care delivery process with benefits of decreased re-hospitalization and mortality rates, increased patient satisfaction, effective care monitoring, decreased errors and better care coordination are further discussed.

Conclusion: Evidence suggests that the utilization of Telemedicine in the care process has potential benefits, yet care providers still want the emergence of new technologies and strategies to better improve the care delivery processes for the patients.


Health services administration.

Medical informatics.

Telecommunication in medicine.

Heart failure -- Treatment.