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Leadership Studies


College of Education

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First Advisor

Dr. Tom Hisiro, Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Charles Bethel

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Dr. Mickey Blackwell


The purpose of this study is to identify the influences that lead parents to choose and support an online education as an alternative method of learning for their children. Parents ultimately decide to support and permit their son or daughter to participate in online learning. Parents also possess the authority and influence to determine whether their child will continue utilizing this nontraditional method of learning (Joshi, 2014). In the field of education, there is a need to understand the rationale why parents support online instruction and programs. Data were collected from a cross-sectional survey instrument using a 4-point Likert-type scale and multiple-choice responses from the parents in Kanawha County, West Virginia who have a child in the online program. The results of the study led the researcher to conclude that the majority of the parents participating in the study perceived that their child needed to consider changing from the traditional classroom setting to alleviate problematic issues that were negatively affecting academic achievement. Parents surveyed had a strong positive response regarding their child being academically more successful in the online program as compared to the traditional face-to-face method of instruction. Not only are these findings important for district leaders and parents, but they are vital for principals, teachers, school counselors, and other school personnel.


Distance education -- West Virginia.