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Leadership Studies


College of Education

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Dr. Ronald Childress, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Bobbi Nicholson

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Dr. Thomas Williams


This study investigated the differences in achievement and behavior for fifth-grade students taught using a self-contained instructional model compared to students taught using a departmentalized model. Differences based on selected demographic/attribute variables were also investigated. Teacher perceptions regarding the differences in the two organizational models were also examined. Data were collected from the West Virginia Department of Education’s end of the year student academic achievement assessment (The West Virginia General Summative Assessment), the West Virginia Department of Education’s online information system (WVEIS), and teacher surveys. Data suggest differences in the two instructional models along with significant differences in male and female achievement. Student behavior and teacher perceptions also varied between the two instructional models. For school and district leaders to make informed decisions about departmentalizing elementary grades adjacent to the middle level, it is crucial to consider many factors and avoid potential pitfalls associated with curriculum redesign and instructional realignment.


Education -- Standards.

Teaching -- Methodology.