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Exercise Science


College of Health Professions

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First Advisor

Dr. Mark K. Timmons, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. Gary McIlvain

Third Advisor

Dr. Henning Vauth


Musicians spend hours perfecting their trade, often leading to overuse injuries of the hand; of specific concern to musicians is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This study evaluated the median nerve cross-sectional area and hand function of musicians and non-musicians. Patients completed the upper extremity and CTS specific function questionnaires. The median nerve cross-sectional area, and the width of the carpal tunnel were measured on ultrasound image. The median nerve cross-sectional area was greater in musicians than the non-musician group. The width of the carpal tunnel did not differ between the groups. Musicians showed higher levels of hand dysfunction than the non-musician. The current research identified between group differences in median nerve cross-sectional area and the level of hand dysfunction of musicians. Understanding the interaction between the anatomy of the wrist and wrist and hand dysfunction will benefit clinicians when evaluating and treating musicians.


Carpal tunnel syndrome -- Exercise therapy.

Median nerve -- Research.