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Exercise Science


College of Health Professions

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First Advisor

Dr. Suzanne Konz, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. William Garrett

Third Advisor

Dr. Charles Gilliland


This study observed how a concussion's effects change the quantity and quality of sleep in collegiate athletes. There is a lack of research pertaining to this topic, explicitly involving collegiate athletes and the changes in sleep outcomes during concussion recovery from a concussion. The study design is a convenient cohort in the field involving athletes from two local universities. Participants wore a Readiband™ device for seven to ten days or throughout their concussion recovery. There were differences in total minutes in bed and calculated minutes in bed between concussed and non-concussed participants. This study indicates that concussion affects the quantity of sleep, with concussed athletes spending less time in bed and fewer minutes asleep. Understanding that sleep changes occur post-concussion may delay their recovery time as sleep is essential for recovery and performance. This research can formulate new standards of care for athletes through the duration of concussion and recovery.


Brain -- Concussion.

Brain -- Physiology.

Sleep disorders.

College athletes -- Wounds and injuries.