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College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

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First Advisor

Dr. Tarek Masaud, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. Taher Ghomian

Third Advisor

Dr. Pingping Zhu


Considering the limitations of the existing centralized power infrastructure, research interests have been directed to decentralized smart power systems constructed as networks of interconnected microgrids. Therefore, it has become critical to develop secure and efficient energy trading mechanisms among networked microgrids for reliability and economic mutual benefits. Furthermore, integrating blockchain technologies into the energy sector has gained significant interest among researchers and industry professionals. Considering these trends, the work in this thesis focuses on developing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy trading models to facilitate transactions among microgrids in a multiagent network. Price negotiation mechanisms are proposed for both islanded and grid-connected microgrid networks. To enable a trusted settlement of electricity trading transactions, a two-stage blockchain-based settlement consensus protocol is also developed. Simulation results have shown that the model has successfully facilitated energy trading for networked microgrids.


Microgrids (Smart power grids) -- Research.

Smart power grids -- Research.

Renewable energy sources -- Research.