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Engineering Management


College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

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First Advisor

Dr. James Bryce, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohammad Al Zarrad

Third Advisor

Dr. Greg Michaelson


The focus of this thesis is to design an efficient and effective preventative maintenance program for the electrical equipment that the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) operates at the locks and dams. This thesis presents the concept of asset management and designs a framework to manage the electrical assets at USACE. The methodology was tested, and the results validated the framework proposed in this thesis. The framework was tested on two separate projects and the results were the same optimized strategies, which shows that the framework is robust and can be implemented into each project and can give an effective preventive maintenance program for the electrical components. The significance of this work is to perform asset management on the electrical equipment on the lock and dams USACE operates and owns, which has not been implemented before. While corrective and preventative maintenance programs have been compared previously for electrical equipment, most analyses have been conducted on production plants. The result of conducting this study is a recommended framework for conducting asset management at USACE locks and dams.


Locks (Hydraulic engineering) -- Maintenance and repair.

Locks (Hydraulic engineering) -- Electric equipment.

Engineering -- Management.