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Curriculum and Instruction


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Dr. Edna Meisel, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Keith Burdette

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Dr. Elizabeth Campbell


Implementing organizational change related to student achievement is a daunting task that requires buy-in, planning and support structures to ensure fidelity of implementation in the classroom over many years. Brockton High School’s Literacy Model demonstrated such a change is possible and sustainable. Elementary schools in Jackson County, West Virginia were given a mandate from their superintendent to implement the Brockton High School Literacy Model in the kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms in their schools. The immediate concern was how to successfully modify or adapt a high school model to be appropriate for students who were still learning to read and write. Leadership teams in the elementary schools in Jackson County, with support from the principal and county office, formulated plans for implementing the Brockton High Model to kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. Barriers were the magnitude of the task and teacher buy-in to the process. Interviews of principals identified common elements and unique approaches to ensuring the process was developmentally appropriate for students. Examination of school implementation plans and documents used with students to implement the Brockton Model in the elementary classroom provided insight into the approaches used by schools to implement the initiative. Summative assessment English Language Arts scale scores for the year prior to and the first two years of implementation had statistical differences for all elementary schools in the study, however no statistical significance was observed for changes in Performance Levels. Implications included the successful implementation of a change model required participation of all staff members in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of the initiative. Further study could focus on examining the model’s impact as students transition from elementary to middle to high school and sustainability when there are significant changes in leadership or teachers at a school.


Literacy -- Study and teaching -- West Virginia -- Jackson County.

Reading (Elementary) -- West Virginia -- Jackson County.