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Criminal Justice


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Dr. Elaine Bartgis

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Dr. Robert Grubb

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Dr. Deanna Shields


Probation across America is in turmoil and its effectiveness is under scrutiny. In this paper, probation will be examined, more specifically the effectiveness of probation and the opinions of probation officers in West Virginia and the techniques they utilize in supervising offenders. Research will be presented from various experts across the country that have examined probation in America. Some of these experts report that probation is failing; however, judges have not given up hope on the effectiveness of probation and are willing to look at alternatives to traditional practices. To determine the efficiency of probation in West Virginia surveys were administered to adult probation officers in West Virginia in an attempt to uncover practices utilized by probation officers and their beliefs about probation’s effectiveness.


Probation -- West Virginia.

Probation officers -- Attitudes -- West Virginia.