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Public Law 565 in 1954 affected the placement activities provided for the handicapped by State Employment Security (ES) agencies following vocational rehabilitation services rendered by State Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) agencies. Problems relating to standardization and uniformity in referral transmittals of handicapped persons between the two agencies would be expected to arise. With effective and sustained employment of clients following placement service a mutual goal of both agencies, it is important that each group should agree to basic psychological, vocational, social, educational and medical referral items and methodology involved. A study of this type was published in 1958 by the Industrial Relations Center of the University Minnesota, (2) After reading this bulletin an interest developed in repeating the study in West Virginia as the work was current and of vital importance to the handicapped. It also seemed to be a study which might be duplicated by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation staff of this state. It was noted in the study preface that research workers of other states were encouraged to use the methods and survey questionnaire forms developed and used in Minnesota. This study reports survey results in West Virginia relating to DVR counselor and ES placement personnel preferences concerned with inter-agency handicapped referral data.


Vocational rehabilitation -- West Virginia.

Handicapped -- Employment -- West Virginia.