Tomoko Tozuka

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Exercise Science


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Regression equations between skinfold (SKF) measurements and air displacement plethysmography (ADP) were determined 6 to 18 year old athletes (80 males / 34 females) using Pearson r correlation coefficients. Triceps and mid-calf SKF and percent body fat (%BF) by ADP were measured during an Athletic Ability Assessment at The HIT Center (Huntington, WV). A high relationship was found between SKF and %BF by ADP (males; r2 = .76, females; r2 = .74, all; r2 = .77). Data from the subjects were compared with similar correlations determined between SKF and %BF by hydrostatic weighing (HW) from another study (Slaugter et al., 1988). SKF showed a higher correlation with %BF by ADP than by HW (ADP, r2 = .77 and HW, r2 = .72). Therefore, the SKF regression equation based on % BF by ADP may be more accurate than the equation calculated in children for %BF by HW.


Body composition.

Teenage boys -- Physiology.

Skinfold thickness -- Measurement.

Human body -- Composition.

Teenagers -- Physiology.