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Roger Mooney

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Debra Lilly

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Beverly Winter

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Karen Roberts

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Stephen O’Keefe


This study explored gender differences in reports of depressive symptoms among adolescents. Self-esteem was examined for its relationship to reports of depressive symptoms and self-consciousness was examined to determine its influence on self-esteem and depression. One hundred four 10th grade students were involved in the study. The Beck Depression Inventory-II, the Imaginary Audience Scale, and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Inventory were used in the analysis. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was used to analyze the data. Alpha was set at .05. A positive relationship was found between gender and the variables of depression, abiding self-consciousness, transient self-consciousness, and self-esteem. Females scored significantly higher than males in depression, abiding self-consciousness, and transient self-consciousness. Females also reported having lower self-esteem than males. A significant relationship was found between transient self-consciousness and depression in male and female adolescents. Implications of the findings and intervention techniques for adolescent depression are discussed.


Depression in adolescence.

Self-esteem in adolescence.