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W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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Harold C. Shaver

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Robert N. Bickel

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Carl P. Burrowes

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Ralph J. Turner

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The purpose of this study is to survey the commanders and public affairs officers who were mobilized and deployed to Bosnia in 1995 with the U.S. Army’s 1st Armored Division as part of Operation Joint Endeavor, for their views about how they think the media affected their units’ operational security. Many articles have been written concerning the adversarial relationship between the military and the media, but little scientific research has been published on the effects of the media on military operational security during times of conflict. This study will build on the research previously conducted by Capt. John B. Snyder and Capt. Kenneth D. Payne, as part of a survey and analysis of Military Public Affairs Officers who served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. They found that six of ten public affairs officers were aware of reports published by the media that may have compromised military operations. Such reports can add to the fears and myths of commanders that media personnel cannot be trusted and if given the opportunity will sacrifice the lives of Americans troops to publish a “hot” story (Snyder and Payne, 42).


Military missions – Journalism, Military.