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College of Health Professions

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Linda Scott

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Lou Ann Hartley

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Lynne B. Welch

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The purpose of this study was to examine the perception of overall job satisfaction and control over nursing practice among telemetry and medical-surgical registered staff nurses. Also, to determine if there were significant differences between government and non-profit, community organizations in relation to job satisfaction and control over nursing practice.

The design for the study was a non-experimental, descriptive, cross-sectional approach. All participants received the Control Over Nursing Practice Questionnaire and the Overall Job Satisfaction Survey. The sample consisted of a total of 50 registered nurses. Twenty-five from a VAMC and 25 from a local non-profit hospital.

A significant association existed between control over nursing practice and overall job satisfaction (r = .54, p .005) in the VA registered nurse group. The instruments in the study were both reliable ( .89) and valid for the VA group. The instruments were only reliable in the non-profit hospital group with alpha correlation coefficients ( .90).

Control over nursing practice was moderately associated with overall job satisfaction among VA registered staff nurses, but not among the non-profit registered nurses. No significant relationship existed between the two institutions with regard to overall job satisfaction or control over nursing practice.


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