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When Luiz Busatto finished writing his first book of poems, The anthropoid animal, he was forty-two years old. Not coincidentally, the book consists of forty-two poems divided into three thematic parts: The anthropoid animal (like the title of the book), The doors of the heart, and The invincible frontiers. The main theme of the poems in The anthropoid animal is the suffering and anguish of a man who feels trapped by iron bars (“The iron bars”), who cannot be romantic anymore (“Ideological position”), who feels humiliated and lonely in his comer (“Futile gesture”), and who has decided to silence himself (“Shadows engineer.”) The second part of the book, The doors of the heart, subdivides into two other sections. The lyric tone predominates in the first segment, with its main themes of passion, longing, life, and happy love. In contrast, the second segment of The doors of the heart focuses on death and unsuccessful love. The last division of the book, The invincible frontiers, subdivides into three sections. The first concentrates its themes on art and poetry. The second questions the poverty and the social division of classes. The third part is a synthesis of the whole book and comprises themes such as love, anguish, longing, and death, among others. As Oscar Gama Filho says on the leaf of the book, The anthropoid animal is structured in a triangular way with The anthropoid animal as its apex (with one subdivision), which branches to The doors of the heart (with two subdivisions), and The invincible frontiers (with three subdivisions.)


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