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Delbert A. Lawhon

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Steven O’Keefe

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Janice Lawrence

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Leonard J. Deutsch


Research was conducted on 60 subjects from mental health agencies in order to determine that childhood anxiety and depression can be differentiated. The 60 subjects were given the CDI and the RCMAS self-report measures in order to be placed in groups. This allowed the subjects to be divided into 4 groups: Anxious, Anxious/Depressed, Depressed and Not Anxious/Not Depressed. The 4 groups were then given 2 additional self-report measures, the STAIC and FSSC -R to measure whether Anxious and the Anxious/Depressed children exhibited more fears and anxious traits than did the Depressed and Not Anxious/Not Depressed children. Analyses of variance revealed that the Anxious and Anxious/Depressed subjects were significantly different from the Depressed and Not Anxious/Not Depressed subjects. Anxiety is closely related to the cognitive and emotional component of fear. The study was successful in demonstrating significant differences of cognitions and feelings experienced by depressed and anxious children.


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Anxiety in children – Research.

Fear in children.