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Political Science


College of Liberal Arts

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First Advisor

Dr. Troy Stewart

Second Advisor

Dr. Simon Perry

Third Advisor

Joseph McCoy

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Leonard J. Deutsch


This study is based on the premise that restrictive regulations of the Huntington, West Virginia Urban Renewal Authority had a detrimental effect on new development in the downtown area of that city during the period between 1958 to the present. Background research was conducted on the history of urban renewal at the federal, state, and local levels to better understand the setting for events that occurred during the stated time frame. Using mostly urban renewal documents and interviews with local community leaders, an analysis was made of each urban renewal project undertaken in Huntington. Individual requirements of the Urban Renewal Plan were compared to what was actually constructed, to determine if the Plan’s requirements had been met. The results of this study indicated that in fact the local Urban Renewal Authority did not in many cases follow its own rules when it came to approving projects; therefore, the hypothesis that the Authority’s restrictions delayed or stopped development is false.


Urban renewal – West Virginia – Huntington.

Urban policy – West Virginia – Huntington.

City planning – West Virginia – Huntington.

Community development, Urban – Research.