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Criminal Justice


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First Advisor

Dr. Richard H. Moore

Second Advisor

Dr. Samuel L. Dameron

Third Advisor

Dr. Margaret P. Brown

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Leonard J. Deutsch


In this study, a sample of 37 officers employed with the Huntington Police Department, a medium-sized Appalachian police department, were sampled about the stressfulness and frequency of selected items from Sewell’s Life Events Scale. From the responses to the survey items, a scale was created to assess the combined effects of frequency and stressfulness. Respondents were also asked to indicate what percentage of their total accumulated job-related stress was generated by each of Barker and Carter’s generic stressors of policing. Several group differences were found. A ranking of stressors was developed for the frequency, stress, the combined scales and compared to Sewell’s ranking of the same stressors. Several interesting statistically significant differences were found.


Police – Job stress.

Stress (Psychology).

Stress Management.