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College of Liberal Arts

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Leonard J. Deutsch


On the eighth day, God sighed.

The noise rumbled through heaven and earth. The cherubim were silenced; the seraphim held their breath. Even the archangels ceased their endless activity to crane their necks and look about.

The earth trembled. Volcanos erupted, the great continental plates divided. The pools of celestial ooze stopped bubbling and crackling.

All angels, all creatures, all rocks and trees - even the land itself waited in breathless, awful anticipation.

Nothing happened.

A rock relaxed, falling off a mountain. The volcanos grew dormant. The cherubim laughed, softly, nervously, then began to sing again, a lullaby. The seraphim continued praising the name of Jehovah. Everything went back to the way it was.

Only two were different.

Umbriel, the archangel, had heard God’s sigh. It caused a strange sensation to ripple through him, though what it was he could not say.

Michael, the archangel, had felt God’s sigh. Knowing what must be done, he went to the Tree of Life and cut a limb off of its highest branch. He began to carve the branch into something less intricate, something more designed, something never seen by angel before.

Umbriel went to Michael. “What is that?”


Religious fiction.