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College of Liberal Arts

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Stephen L. O’Keefe

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Michael Burton

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Robert Wilson

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Leonard J. Deutsch


This study examined the difference in adjustment to college between Commuters (students who lived at home with their parents) and Boarders (students who lived on campus in residence halls). The study was conducted at a rural teachers college in West Virginia. The Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (SACQ) was administered to 86 students from four English 102 classes. The results include 48 students who met the requirements of the study. The results of the SACQ were input into a SPSS computer program to produce a 2x2 design ANOVA. The Test of Between-Subject Effects showed three areas of significant difference between the Commuters and the Boarders. In this study. Gender had a significant effect on Academic Adjustment and Social Adjustment. Living Situation was found to have a significant effect on Attachment. The study did not indicate an interaction effect between Living Situation and Gender.


Commuting college students – Psychology.

Social adjustment.

Student adjustment.

Dormitory life.