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College of Liberal Arts

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Christopher W. LeGrow

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Helen E. Linkey

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Stuart Thomas

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The present study was designed to investigate the effectiveness of the Gordon Personal Profile Inventory (GPP-I) selection instrument in predicting success of applicants at a behavioral health center. Case managers (N = 47; 15 = males, 32 = females) served as subjects and completed the GPP-I. Each subject had a total of nine personality scale scores. The scales were Ascendancy, Responsibility, Emotional Stability, Sociability, Cautiousness, Original Thinking, Personal Relations, Vigor, and Self-Esteem. Each scale score was converted into a percentile score and correlated with the subject’s most recent performance evaluation score. Based upon results of correlation and regression analyses it was revealed that 31% of the variance in performance was accounted for by the 9 GPP-I scales, age, and tenure and it was therefore recommended that the behavioral health agency not adopt the GPP-I as a selection instrument when screening candidates for case management positions.


Personality tests.

Mental health personnel – Selection and appointment.