Kara Gettman

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College of Liberal Arts

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Pamela L. Mulder

Second Advisor

Christopher W. LeGrow

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Helen E. Linkey

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Leonard J. Deutsch


Psychologists are frequently called upon to work with law enforcement personnel, yet little research has been conducted to examine the attitudes of police officers toward psychologists and psychological services. The purpose of this study was to survey police officers in both urban and rural settings in an attempt to gauge their attitudes toward psychologists and psychological services. The researcher designed the questionnaire that was used because no single assessment instrument currently exists which measures all of the potentially relevant variables The attitudes assessed included the perceived need for psychologists and psychological services, the preferred roles for psychologists in law enforcement settings, and attitudes toward mental illness and the mentally ill. Analyses were also conducted to compare demographic variables, including urban and rural community affiliations, to questionnaire items.


Police, Rural – Attitudes.

Police psychology – Research.

Police – Attitudes.

Police psychologists – Research.