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Adult and Technical Education


College of Education

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First Advisor

Laura J. Wyant

Second Advisor

Lee A. Olson

Third Advisor

Howard R. D. Gordon


Faith-based and government-based organizations can provide meaningful adult education programs and services to strengthen a community. Organizations that offer adult education programs are vital partners in community development. This research identifies current adult programs and services offered by seven faith-based and six government based organizations in Huntington, West Virginia. Using a survey of eighty-one potential services or programs, data collected from thirteen community organizations determined what types and how many adult programs are available in Huntington, West Virginia. After identifying current adult programs, interviews with each of the thirteen organizations revealed current faith-based and government-based partnerships; questionnaires with faith-based organizations uncovered sources of government funding. This study demonstrates the capacity of government-based and faith-based organizations to host adult programs, and the importance of partnerships to leverage resources, and minimize duplication of adult programs in a community.


Adult education - West Virginia.

Religious institutions - Adult education - West Virginia.