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Leadership Studies


College of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Dr. Dennis M. Anderson, Committee Chairperson

Second Advisor

Dr. Charles Bethel

Third Advisor

Dr. Robert Morelan


Public procurement, the purchase of goods and services by governments from external sources, is a strategic tool commonly used by governments to fulfill their mandates. To manage public procurement inside the United States federal government, the Acquisition Workforce (AWF) was established. Training to support the development and maintenance of necessary competencies in the AWF occurs in both face-to-face and distance learning environments. The trend, in general, has been towards a greater dependency on the use of distance learning. The purpose of this quantitative study was to examine AWF perceptions of learner-centric interaction effectiveness and learning environment preferences, along with the correlation, if any, between these factors inside the federal acquisition distance learning environment. The study’s findings indicate a preference by the AWF for training consisting of learner-centric interaction diversity delivered in a bichronous distance learning environment.


Educational leadership.

Distance education – Training.

Education policy & development.