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Family and Consumer Sciences


College of Liberal Arts

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First Advisor

Dr. Robert Bickel

Second Advisor

Dr. Mary Jo Graham

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Kellie Williams


Eating disorders are a debilitating mental illness that affects young people including those in the field of dietetics. Literature suggests that dietetic students have a higher prevalence of eating disorders than other students. Seventy-seven college student in Southern West Virginia enrolled in either dietetics or another major were included in a sample to determine if dietetic students have higher prevalence of disordered eating attitudes and behaviors. The participants completed a survey that included a general information section, a 26-item questionnaire concerning eating attitudes, and a behavioral information section. Upon completion of data collection, the survey was coded, and data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regression. Results of the survey indicated that on the average students enrolled in dietetics scored about 8.8 points higher on the eating attitude test as compared to students in other majors, thus indicating a higher prevalence of disordered eating attitudes and behaviors.


Eating disorders in adolescence.