Amy Robinson

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Health and Physical Education


College of Science

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First Advisor

Robert Maddox

Second Advisor

Steven R. Banks

Third Advisor

Leonard J. Deutsch


Coaches are typically the immediate caregivers to high school athletes. To date the state of West Virginia has no mandatory laws that coaches be first-aid and CPR certified before they are hired as a coach. The general purpose of this study is to assess current status of first-aid and CPR certifications held by high school head athletic coaches in the state of West Virginia. A packet will be sent to the 160 high schools in West Virginia. The principal will randomly choose five head coaches, at least two females and two males, to fill out the survey which are to be sent back to Marshall University. The principals are being asked to send the surveys back within two weeks. The survey will include the following questions: size of their school, their sex, their age, the sport they coach, the status of their position, total years of coaching experience, date of most recent first-aid certification and where they obtained it, date of their most recent CPR card and how it was obtained. The survey will also include one open ended question at the end asking if they have attended any sports medicine seminars and the date they did. The data will be computed to analyze the current status of the certification holding of head athletic coaches in West Virginia. The data will then be used to help assess the status of first-aid and CPR certifications in West Virginia and to provide some recommendations to the state to improve the emergency care of the athletes.


Coaches (Athletics) – Certification – West Virginia.

CPR (First aid) – Certification.