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College of Liberal Arts

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Dr. Robert Wilson

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Dr. Lynda Ann Ewen

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Stephen L. O’Keefe


First, this study examines the findings of Shinar’s (1975) study on the perception of gender in occupations in comparison to a current population. Second, the answers of a population of college students in WV were compared to their place of origin. Third, current neutral titles were compared to earlier gendered counterparts. Lastly, the answers of male and female respondents were analyzed.

Overall, occupational titles were found to be less gendered but retained their gender when compared to data collected by Shinar in 1975. Those respondents who were native to in WV were not found to be more stereotypical in their responses than those respondents who were not native to WV. Overall, neutral titles were more neutral than their gendered counterparts but retained their gender. Male and female answers were found to be similar, with a few exceptions.


Job titles.