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Fred Jay Krieg

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Tony Goudy

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Pamela Cain

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Stephen L. O’Keefe


The purpose of the present study is to compare Catholic and non-Catholic students in a Catholic High School (Wheeling Central Catholic High School) with respect to their religious knowledge and religious practices. One hundred and fifty-nine (159) Catholic students (92 ninth graders, 67 twelfth graders) and eighteen (18) non-Catholic students (14 ninth graders, 4 twelfth graders) are included in the study. Raw scores for religious knowledge and religious practice were derived from data obtained from administration of the Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE), 1992 edition. Results indicate a statistical difference between Catholic and non-Catholic students at a .05 significance level in religious knowledge. No statistical difference was found to exist between ninth grade Catholic and non-Catholic students with respect to their religious practice. Additionally, no statistically significant difference was found between ninth grade students (Catholic and non-Catholic) and twelfth grade students (Catholic and non-Catholic) with respect to religious knowledge. A statistically significant difference exists between this same group with twelfth graders reporting a greater degree of religious practice. Results are discussed in light of existing research.


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