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College of Liberal Arts

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Nancy Lang

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Leonard J. Deutsch


Her breath leaves her mouth in a cloud and clings to the mirror, fogging it, hiding her face. Her dark eyes are slowly revealed as the glass clears, then her nose, strong and pronounced, and finally her mouth, the full lips pulling into a frown. She might as well be outside, it's so cold. Glancing toward the window, at the huge flakes of snow making their way to the ground below, she sighs. She pulls her jacket tighter around her and reaches for the phone, pausing briefly before picking it up. With gloved fingers she punches the buttons, then drops onto the bed. The springs screech in protest and she frowns again. She slips the receiver beneath her heavy black hair and listens to the hollow ringing. Once. Twice. Three times, then the fumbling clatter as her mother picks up. It's never a smooth motion. Graceless. Clumsy. Then the coarse voice. "Hello?" The cigarettes are almost tangible through the line. "Mom, I made it." "Lilly! You got the key all right?"


Creative writing – 20th century.

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