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Adult and Technical Education


College of Education and Professional Development

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Laura Wyant

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The question of which method of instruction is most appropriate for delivering instruction in training and development venues is very important for today's human resource personnel. As more and more business and industrial organizations downsize, reorganize, or even expand, the need arises for new training or retraining of adult workers. This training of employees is crucial in order for the employees to efficiently perform their current jobs or future positions in the workplace.

As technology advances and job requirements change, what types of training methods are business and industrial organizations implementing in order to achieve maximum benefits from employee training? Are companies offering employee training on a regular basis? These are the types of issues addressed to business and industrial organizations in the research project.

The research study has identified the various training methods utilized in business and industrial organizations by training professionals in the state of West Virginia. The types of training methods employed and the frequency of 8 use of each training method will be studied. The information that is obtained from the research project will provide information to trainers which will be useful in developing training programs in the state of West Virginia.

With numerous changes taking place in today's workplace, are business and industrial organizations in West Virginia providing training to employees on a regular basis? If employees do not receive the type of training they need, they are unable to perform the duties required of their job at the maximum level of efficiency.


Employees – Training of.

Employee training personnel.

Occupational training.

Employee training directors.