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Health and Physical Education


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R. Daniel Martin

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C. Robert Barnett

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Steven R. Banks

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The sports arena is one of the fastest growing sectors of American society from little league and junior soccer to college and professional football (Staurowsky & Scriber, 1998). This in part is due to the increase in women’s sports leagues as well as increased opportunities for women in college athletics because of Title EX (Amheim & Prentice, 2000). As sports participation has increased, so has the profession of athletic training. The number of certified athletic trainers entering the job market is now larger than ever and is continuing to grow (Amheim & Prentice, 2000). The athletic trainer is a highly trained healthcare professional who is responsible for all phases of healthcare in an athletic environment. These responsibilities include prevention, first aid, evaluation and management of injuries, rehabilitation, education and counseling (Anderson & Hall, 1995).


National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Athletic trainers – Salaries, etc.