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J. Graham Rankin

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Michael Norton

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Leslie Frost

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Leonard J. Deutsch


Acidic mine drainage flow from active and abandoned coal mines has been a major source of water pollution in the Appalachian Mountain region of the eastern USA. Water samples were collected and analyzed from Blackwater River watershed during 2 years (September 1996 - May 1998). The water quality measurements determined that the Beaver Creek and North Fork tributaries were affected by acid mine drainage but not Yellow Creek. Beaver Creek and North Fork stations had high sulfate and manganese markers of acid mine drainage, whereas Yellow Creek was slightly acidic with low sulfate and manganese. North Fork was the primary source of acid mine drainage in the watershed in spite of attempts at remediation. Slightly elevated aluminum concentration downstream showed signs of influence of acid mine drainage by dispersion of metals. Lastly, the relation of iron concentration with humic acid of Black Bear stations differed with season. This change may be due to increased iron influx in the Spring.


Water chemistry.

Environmental chemistry.

Watersheds – West Virginia.

Acid mine drainage.