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Fred J. Krieg

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Tony Goudy

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Pamela Cain

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Steve O’Keefe


This study is a chi square analysis of the Supported Employment Survey (SES) and the Unsuccessful Placement Survey (UPS) developed for the purpose of this study. Subjects included 76 males and 35 females ranging from the ages of 19 to 64. All of the individuals included in this survey have been involved in supported employment programs throughout the state of West Virginia. Individuals were surveyed based on DSM-IV diagnosed disability (mental retardation verses mental illness), support networks during placement (living independently or with a family member), and previous experience in sheltered workshops prior to placement in support employment programs. Results were analyzed using a CHITEST which yielded a chi square of 38.633, p-value of <.0001 for support networks, chi square of 38.408, p-value <.0001 for sheltered work experience. All of the independent tests indicate a statistically significant relationship between successful and unsuccessful supported employment placements based on specific demographic information. The results of this study provides data to suggest that supported employment programs must be initiated based on individualized information regarding disability, support networks, and sheltered work experience.


People with disabilities – Employment.

Occupational surveys.