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College of Liberal Arts

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Christopher W. LeGrow

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Stuart Thomas

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Helen E. Linkey

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The following study examined the feasibility of using peer evaluation at a behavioral health center for assessing employee attitudes regarding the company’s appraisal process. A total of 30 subjects, both male and female, were chosen from a single department to pilot the peer evaluation. Subjects were surveyed in order to assess attitudes toward the process prior to participation. An outside corporation was chosen to assist in the selection of peer evaluation questions as well as compiling final ratings of each participant. A post peer evaluation survey assessed attitudes upon completion of the peer evaluation. Responses were averaged and percentages analyzed to determine whether participants were pleased with the peer evaluation process. Prior to participating in peer evaluation, only 17 % of respondents rated their attitude toward peer evaluation as fair; meaning that they felt peer evaluation was a good addition to the current evaluation process. After completing the peer evaluation, 23.5 % of survey respondents rated the process as fair.


Peer review.