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Leadership Studies


College of Education and Professional Development

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Dr. Bobbi Nicholson, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Ronald Childress

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Dr. Michael Segalla


Nonprofit social enterprises (NSEs) seek to address societal problems through for-profit ventures. Because they pursue social and commercial goals, these organizations have great potential to solve social and environmental issues more efficiently and effectively. Given their unique purpose and challenges, NSEs require a different type of leadership than traditional nonprofit organizations, a distinctive competency model with specialized social work and business management training. Research has shown, however, that finding leaders with this necessary mix for effective management poses a challenge for such organizations. This exploratory study aimed to examine the extent to which MPA (i.e., master’s degree in public administration) and MNM (i.e., master’s degree in nonprofit management) preparatory programs include the primary NSE leadership competencies in their curricula. The researcher developed an NSE leadership competency survey from the literature and distributed it to 250 MPA and MNM faculty and administrators employed at various public and private universities. Data analysis techniques included descriptive statistics, t tests, and bivariate correlations, showing neither program type focuses strongly on teaching NSE leadership competencies. MNM programs and private universities cover several well and more extensively than MPA programs and public universities. Findings highlight pedagogical enhancement opportunities for MPA and MNM NSE leadership preparation programs at public and private universities.


Social entrepreneurship – Training – Education (Higher).

Nonprofit organizations – Training – Education (Higher).