Randall Craft

Date of Award


Degree Name

Healthcare Administration


College of Business

Type of Degree


Document Type

Research Paper

First Advisor

Alberto Coustasse


Introduction: Access to behavioral health care has arisen as both a challenge and an opportunity as America deals with a health care landscape that has been significantly and probably permanently transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic increased the need for behavioral health services while creating new hurdles to care for those who already had disorders. The pandemic, however, also spurred innovation, leading to expanded tele-behavioral health treatments and other technological advancements. Also bringing Overdose death rates sky rocketing.

Methodology: This study utilized a literature review and a semi-structured interview. Four databases were used to collect 41 total sources. These sources were reviewed and reduced to 30 total sources that were used in the written research. Of these, 10 sources were used in the results section.

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this research was to analyze the effects COVID, and long-term substance abuse treatment programs has had on patients for the cost of care, overdose rates, and medical complications such as death rate for SUD in the US with a goal to determine that COVID has changed the way SUD in United States has been treated by increasing awareness to overdose and mental health in communities, reducing the outcome such as costs and decreasing overdose death rates.

Results: The research showed that only community awareness has changed, and cost of care and overdose rates continue to rise since COVID and Long-term substance abuse.

Discussion/Conclusion: The rise of Narcan/Needle Exchanges for community awareness has increased. Overdose Rates are continuing to rise, and not much changes in cost of care have been discovered showing no positive correlation COVID and Long-term substance abuse.


Health services administration.

Health facilities – Business management.

Substance abuse – Treatment.

COVID-19 (Disease).

Opioid abuse – Treatment.

Drugs – Overdose.