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Roger Mooney

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Paul Wiese

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Francis Anderson

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Stephen O’Keefe


This study evaluated the effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy on the severity of anxiety among the elderly in a nursing home setting. Eighteen adults were involved in the research. The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BDI) was used for a pre-test, post-test, and delayed post-test measures. The results of the t-test indicated a significant difference between the pre-test and the post-test measures in the experimental group. The significant difference was not, however, maintained over time. The results of t-test between the pre-test delayed post-test for the experimental group was non-significant. The results of the study suggested that cognitive-behavioral therapy training did have a positive effect on the severity of anxiety. In order to maintain the positive effects of training there may need to be periodic reinforcement of the skills. The author makes recommendations for future research.


Anxiety in old age.

Cognitive therapy.

Beck Anxiety Inventory.