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Adult and Technical Education


College of Science

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First Advisor

Howard R. Gordon

Second Advisor

Laura Wyant

Third Advisor

LeVene A. Olson

Fourth Advisor

Leonard J. Deutsch


The purpose of this study was to investigate the academic success of international students who are admitted to Marshall University’s Adult and Technical Education and other selected graduate degree programs. The study compared those students who entered Marshall University through TOEFL scores and those who completed ESL classes as admission criteria for entrance. One key question was to determine whether either of these groups was academically prepared for college level studies. Another goal was to determine if demographic factors play a role in student success. The convenient sample consisted of 64 females and 62 males from 22 different countries, ranging in age from 23 to 47. A descriptive/correlational research design was chosen to determine relationships between quantifiable variables, such as GPA’s, TOEFL scores and ESL scores. Data collected was transcribed into SPSS and analyzed. Results indicate that TOEFL and ESL had low association in the students’ first GPA’s, TOEFL being significant, which suggests that both groups are academically prepared when entering for college level studies. It was also found that both groups had low attrition rates. TOEFL students showed a moderate association with the variable country of origin correlating demographic factors. Results suggest that TOEFL students and ESL students are academically prepared for graduate studies.


Universities and colleges – Graduate work – Admission.

Prediction of scholastic success.

Students, Foreign.

College preparation programs.