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Roger Mooney

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Paul Wiese

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Francis Anderson

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Stephen L. O’Keefe


The effects of training on interpersonal distance and touch recognition abilities among 46 second grade children was evaluated. The children were involved in two, 45 minute training sessions each week for three weeks. Training effects were measured using the Emory Dyssemia Index-Brief Form (EDI-b). The teachers rated the children with the distance and touch subtest ofthe EDI-b. Pre-test and Post-test measures were obtained. A one way analysis of variance was used to analyze the data. Alpha was set at .05. There was no significant difference between the experimental and control groups prior to training. There was a significant difference between the groups when the social skills training had concluded. The results indicated that children showed significant improvement in nonverbal communication with training. Recommendations for the use of the EDI-b in future research are discussed.


Nonverbal communication on children.

Social skills – Study and teaching.