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Stephen L. O’Keefe

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Leonard J. Deutsch


Research suggests that employer referrals to addiction treatment facilities play a significant role in the completion of the treatment programs. Individuals who are coerced into treatment with the threat of the loss of their jobs are more likely to continue treatment. Since program completion is important for the long term process, length of time in treatment increases the likelihood the individual will remain abstinent (Miller, 1994). This particular study consists of an examination of a 12-Week Intensive Outpatient Program, followed by an optional, but highly recommend, Continuing Care Program. A statistically significant difference was determined to exist between the completion rates of the subjects who were referred into the 12-Week Intensive Outpatient Program by their employers, as compared to other sources of referrals. Also, employer referred subjects were more likely to complete the optional Continuing Care Program.


Substance abuse – Treatment.

Drugs and employment.