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College of Liberal Arts

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Dr. Gwenyth E. Hood

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Dr. Shirley Lumpkin

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Professor John Van Kirk

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Leonard J. Deutsch


Upon my arrival on earth. Mother forbad me from doing two things: going to K-Mart and talking to my Uncle Ike.

Ironically, the first word I learned to read was "K-Mart.” Mother pointed out the store every time we drove past. She told me many times of the evil that could befall a person if he entered its doors. I reckoned she knew all about K-Mart because she claimed to have gone there twice before I was born. Based on the two visits, Mother decided that the voice of the blue-light special masked some sinister, subliminal message. While everyone else heard, "Two bags of cotton balls for a dollar," Mother swore she heard, "Live in trailers, don't hold down a job, and let your baby wear nothing but a diaper in public."


Creative writing – 20th century.