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College of Fine Arts

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Vicki Stroeher

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Marshall Onofrio

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David Castleberry


J.A.C. Redford’s love of music for the voice and the importance of his faith, key factors in understanding this composer who is best known for his film and television scores, are displayed through the song cycle A Psalm Triptych. This study examines the structure of and inspiration behind this song cycle as a means to determine its function. Redford’s approach to text setting is motivated by a desire for the meaning to be more clearly understood when illuminated by his music. Inspired by visual art, he generated a textual structure resembling triptych altarpieces, through which the listener hears the psalmist’s story told in the composer’s voice. He unified the songs by illuminating themes of the texts which express his Christian beliefs and fashioned a musical offering that is a union of form, function, and faith - a sonic altarpiece.


Redford, J. A. C. Psalm triptych.

Song cycles.

Sacred songs (High voice) with piano - Analysis, appreciation.

Psalms (Music)

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