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Being sleepy on the job can have a vital impact on how well workers can do their job. The study examines the effects of partial sleep deprivation on productivity. It included a nonrandom sample of thirty participants, of which, sixty percent were female and eighty percent were Caucasian. All participants were employed and possessed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Participants were asked to keep a sleep journal recording behaviors that could possibly affect sleep. Participants were also asked to complete a demographic questionnaire and a task log sheet. The percent of tasks completed daily on the task log sheet was calculated to signify the productivity level.

The results revealed a higher mean productivity rating for individuals who slept more than nine hours. The second highest mean productivity rating was for individuals who slept less than five hours. The two negative correlations found for levels of productivity included nocturnal awakenings and the self-perception of mood in the morning. This suggests that as the number of nocturnal awakening increase, the productivity levels decreased. It also implied that the more an individual feels fatigued in the morning, the lower the productivity level.


Sleep deprivation.

Productivity - Effect of sleep deprivation on.